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General description

We will initially explore three questions (20’):
1. How do we, producers of discourse, act on the world?
2. Why would we (re) connect science and art?
3. How can we factor in the “sensible” (reality in its immediateness, as perceived by the sense and filtered through emotions) when designing policies?
We will thereafter conduct an exercise consisting of the free association of concepts associated to the three following semantic families: art, science, cities.
We will construct these associations as intervention tools within (some of) the case studies.


Short structured exchange (20’)
Work/play in 4 groups (two rounds of 30’)
General discussion, (re)presentation of results.


At the end of the session the attendee should have
(1) a general understanding of performativity as an action centered concept.
(2) access to a conceptualization of the relationship of art and science.
(3) acquired the conviction that art and science should not be seen as belonging to different universe (at least when considering policy design).

Recommended reading