Intrepid COST Action held its 4th MC and WG meetings 26th-27th October 2017 in Dubrovnik.

The plenary MC meeting was devoted to take stock of our first 2 years and share ideas on the future of universities and ID/TD.  We thank Prof. Mladen Brncic for his excellent organisation of our two-day gathering.

Working Groups also held meetings.  WG1 debate the content of the forthcoming WG1 policy brief and plan year 3 and year 4 of WG1 activities

WG2  Brainstorming about the future of co-creation and the organization of the training school around the co-creation as a transdisciplinary concept and frame (aiming to having a kind of “version 0” school in April 2018)

WG3 Agenda held a First discussion on a joint Erasmus+ application in order to link different ID curricula and to establish a learning hub, and about the dissemination of knowledge on enabling factors of ID and TD in form of the edited volume. Follow-up for the Berlin meeting in September.


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