Exploring stakeholders’ perspectives to improve transdisciplinary projects in urban development


In the last decade theories of how to understand transdisciplinary processes have been developed as well as principles and methods of how scientists and representatives of the private and public sector, NGOs and community associations can co-produce knowledge. The principles and methods were mainly developed from the perspectives of those who lead such processes. Little is known about how the participating stakeholders perceive and value such processes. For urban development projects, the engagement of stakeholders and the fair treatment of their diverse interests are crucial for sustainable outcomes. A better understanding of stakeholders’ motivations, interests, values and goals is thus key to improve the design of transdisciplinary urban development projects. Using two on-going transdisciplinary urban development projects in Sweden and in Switzerland as case studies, we will:

1) Identify and analyse stakeholders’ interests, values and goals to participate in transdisciplinary urban development projects

2) Jointly develop criteria for successful transdisciplinary urban development projects with representatives of the different stakeholder groups

3) Jointly review and improve the current design principles for transdisciplinary processes with a focus on stakeholder perspectives