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Expecting students’ case studies in the lectures

by Jiesper Tristan Pedersen

Joining the Intrepid course in Trans-disciplinary research I had really high expectations. The set up and administration were very professional.  The pre-work of creating a Poster to present our research case study increased those expectations. It was a great and meaningful creative task in which I found new discoveries in my project and thought of it in new ways. A presentation and form I will definitely use again. I expected an in-depth going course introducing us to trans-disciplinary methodology and at the same time working and improving our case studies. During the four days we had about 40-60 minutes discussing our case studies and getting feed back. This process was quite fruitful an especially the teacher Jean Paul had abundant inputs to improve the research – especially supporting the improvement of my methodology. During the two days the posters were hanging on the glass wall, it was a great opportunity to learn and get insight in the work of other students making them explain their research during coffee breaks.

In general I think the course can develop the practical approach including more real life cases and for instance include student case studies in the lectures – both to give examples of theory used in practice and how various cases studies could be improved according to theoretical considerations. It could be interesting to see how various teachers would transform or point out how case studies could be adjusted into a trans-disciplinary approach and how this could improve or benefit the individual studies. It could also be inspiring to see and hear about trans-disciplinary experiences in the field trip… and maybe in two field trips.

All in all I enjoyed being in Barcelona. I enjoyed spending time with several very qualified teachers and inspiring students. I improved my research a bit and got some insight in the trans-disciplinary field. I would like to join future courses in trans-disciplinary methodology – especially if they include a practical and a student engaging approach presenting the theory in practice and involve students in developing each others research projects. Thank you for creating, setting up and complete a course in this fascinating and necessary field.

Jiesper Tristan Pedersen  Poster