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Open invitation for Funding Agencies to be involved in the COST Action

Why Interdisciplinary Research is needed

Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are a precondition to solve the grand societal challenges confronting societies and the planet today. The complexity and interweavement of challenges, possible solutions and related actions ask for true inter disciplinary approaches – in research and in applications. Despite frequent calls to foster interdisciplinary research, active collaboration including knowledge exchange to date remains rare.

Interdisciplinarity in Research Programming and Funding Cycles (INTREPID)

The INTREPID COST Action will bring together communities of researchers, and research/science policy makers and research-funding bodies, contributing to advance our understanding and effective application of interdisciplinarity . A range of actions is designed to draw upon the network’s knowledge of barriers, as well as success and good practices, leading to the building of a critical mass of researchers and funders working to strengthen the European Research Area’s capacity to promote, commission, execute and evaluateinterdisciplinary research.

INTREPID and the challenge of interdisciplinarity with research funding

The INTREPID COST Action is predicated on the idea that decisions that funders make have a major impact on how interdisciplinary research is shaped, the extent of integration, and ultimately its effectiveness.The Action aims to develop insights into how to achieve greater and more effective interdisciplinary research in terms of urban development in Europe so as to strengthen our ability to respond to 21st century challenges.

Although interdisciplinary research is duly encouraged in numerous research and innovation programs, we still struggle to bring about successful interdisciplinary research projects. In various stages of the research programming and funding cycle we encounter challenges to truly boost interdisciplinary collaboration. These relate to, for instance, agenda setting (combining policy interests of different departments, directorates, ministries),formulating research programmes and defining call topics (finding shared vocabulary and paradigms), ex ante evaluation of project proposals, selection and excellence criteria (finding overarching or mutually comparable excellence criteria and references for different disciplines), and ex post assessment of output, outcomes and impact.

Why your involvement is essential

As a representative of a funding agency, you are directly involved in important steps of the research programming and funding cycle. Therefore your experience with and involvement in earlier programs is very valuable, and can contribute to build the necessary knowledge of the current state-of-the-art, ‘best practices’ and also pitfalls in funding interdisciplinary research. This is importantknowledgeto share within the INTREPID network and among its network of stakeholders (for funding, for academia, and for cities – given the special focus on ‘urban development’ research). Your active participation will be essential in formulating suggestions, recommendations and examples for future research initiatives.

Your involvement in disseminating and implementing this shared knowledge would also be highly appreciated. You could act as an intermediate between the INTREPID network of direct participants and the far larger group of funding agencies not directly participating in this action. Also, you could possibly apply suggestions and recommendations in future research initiatives.


Representatives of funding agencies with an interest in participating in the INTREPID COST Action should subscribe by filling the form available at: This will allow them to receive the information bulletins which will be periodically produced during the COST Action. These bulletins will provide detailed information about forthcoming events and opportunities for involvement in activities related to the INTREPID COST Action.