The purpose of the meeting is to collaborate in the creation of a strategic road map (with the incorporation of cross-cutting team of members) on how universities might engage with wider public on urban issues to support skills, inclusion and active participation in governance.  This would include innovation in existing practices, pedagogy and curriculum design that are currently being practiced by COST participants.  The contributors to the meeting will discuss how their work can move forward HEI thinking on interdisciplinarity in education programmes in the urban domain.

As a result of the joint work conducted in working group 3 within the INTREPID network, common interest has been identified in “spatialities of future universities to foster inclusive citizenship through new urban curricula” with a focus on university engagement in informal learning spaces to foster social innovation between local communities and the academy.

The goals will be to blur the boundaries of the academy and explore new spaces/ locations/ opportunities and frameworks to increase universities’ social impact and relevance to ordinary people (with a focus on inclusivity and supporting traditionally marginalised or disadvantaged communities thus helping ‘raise their voices’ in the urban agenda).

The key deliverable will be a roadmap which other HEIs might follow in order to replicate some of the project ideas and innovative teaching practices.  It is expected that the roadmap document will be available as a webpage and pdf for circulation from the INTREPID website.

The meeting will close with discussion on next steps after the production fg the roadmap including the potential to foster collaboration on curriculum design and delivery where appropriate.