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4th Action Workshop – London, 24th March 2017

Aim of the London Workshop

This London Workshop was meant to advance the agenda of “Universities and Knowledge for Sustainable Urban Futures: as if ID and TD mattered”, by helping us to define the scope of our contribution, and of the activities we might fund for 2017-2019.

For this purpose, the Workshop was a one-day gathering of experts and practitioners with diverse experience and disciplinary backgrounds.

We focused our discussion around (some) of the following questions:

  • What knowledge and learning is needed to create more just and sustainable futures?
    • what range and scope of topics need to be covered to realise the futures we want?
  • Howwill knowledge be generated, distributed, owned and used in the urban future?
    • What skills and competencies will need to be cultivated?
    • Will Western science be integrated with ways of knowing beyond traditional academic disciplines and ways of knowing (e.g. traditional, customary, local or indigenous forms of knowledge)?
  • Whowill generate, distribute, own and use this knowledge?
    • will intellectual property remain? Can a future education contribute to what Arjun Appadurai calls the ‘right to research’, building a ‘capacity to aspire’ and thus serving society as a whole?
  • Wherewill knowledge be generated, distributed, owned and used?
    • What role will universities and other institutions play in these developments?
    • Will universities continue to exist and be based on physical campuses? What organisational and physical shape will they have? How will they relate to their (urban?) surroundings?
    • Will there be faculties, subjects and departments? Will current hierarchical structures remain?

Expected outcomes

  • A list of priority themes for discussion and inquiry over the next two years
  • Identification of possible synergies between INTREPID and participants’s own initiatives
  • Ideas about how best to use INTREPID’s funds in order to contribute to advance this inquiry: workshops, training, publications, conference etc.
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