The Problem With Good Intentions

The problem with good intentions

By Roberto Falanga The Intrepid School was a very challenging experience in that by providing…

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Street Mobility In Barcelona

Street mobility in Barcelona

By Paulo Anciaes For the last three years, I have been working in the Street…

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An Intrepid Immersion Within Barcelona; Four Days Of Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity And Handbag Gazing

An Intrepid immersion within Barcelona; four days of interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and handbag gazing

By Mary Gearey How many chances in life are you given to spend four days…

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What Is My Experience At The Intrepid Training School In Barcelona?

What is my experience at the Intrepid Training School in Barcelona?

By Marta Olazabal I have lived a great learning process through the very exciting material…

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Mixing Academia And Real Life…

Mixing academia and real life...

By María Dolores Sánchez Galera During the four days of the INTREPID training school, starting from…

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I Have Never Really Thought Of Myself As An ‘urban’ Researcher.

I have never really thought of myself as an ‘urban’ researcher.

By Leslie Mabon I have never really thought of myself as an ‘urban’ researcher. So…

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Barcelona Training School – On Inter And Transdisciplinary Urban Research

Barcelona Training School – on Inter and Transdisciplinary Urban Research

By Laskhmi Priya Rajendran Senior Research Fellow in Future Cities Barcelona Training School – on Inter…

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Transdisciplinary Cities: Moving From Transdisciplinary Function To Transdisciplinary Leadership

Transdisciplinary Cities: moving from transdisciplinary function to transdisciplinary leadership

By Julia De Martini Day To many, transdisciplinary might sound like an esoteric term used only…

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Expecting Students’ Case Studies In The Lectures

Expecting students' case studies in the lectures

by Jiesper Tristan Pedersen Joining the Intrepid course in Trans-disciplinary research I had really high expectations.…

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Fertilising The Ground For Sustainable Urban Future Through Transdisciplinary Approaches

Fertilising the ground for sustainable urban future through transdisciplinary approaches

By Jieling Liu I was delighted to be able to attend the Intrepid Barcelona Training…

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“What Will You Remember?”

“What will you remember?”

By Jen Holzer This training was designed to provide us with skills for attacking complex…

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The Ability To Challenge And Change Mind-sets

The ability to challenge and change mind-sets

By  Isabel Loupa Inspired by Helga Nowotny and Colleagues’ book “Rethinking Science” and “Interfaces between…

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Mind Trade-offs

Mind trade-offs

By Evandro Holz I still have mixed feelings about the fact that I would wake…

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When I Think About The Training School Experience

When I think about the Training school experience

By Helena Guimaraes Being someone interested in inter and transdisciplinary might be considered awkward. Further,…

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“The Existential Crisis Of Doing Transdisciplinarity”

“The existential crisis of doing transdisciplinarity”

By Bertie Russell The doing of transdisciplinarity is an uncomfortable place to be. Transdisciplinarity is…

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Finding Simplicity In Complexity

Finding simplicity in complexity

By Antje Disterheft Inter – and transdisciplinary research intends to respond to complex challenges our…

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Understanding The Innate Nature Of Transdisciplinary Research

Understanding the innate nature of transdisciplinary research

By Andrea Razun Barcelona training school within the INTREPID project as expected proved to be…

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Following The Path Of Circular Economy In Barcelona

Following the path of Circular Economy in Barcelona

By Alexandra Baixinho  Circular Economy is about taking action on the whole lifecycle of products -…

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Transdisciplinary Practice: What Is It?

Transdisciplinary practice: what is it?

By Adrian Hill With a background in professional practice and working across a vast range…

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Barcelona Training School … A Tasting Of Transdisciplinary Research

Barcelona Training School … a tasting of transdisciplinary research

By Chiara Zanetti The Barcelona Training School on Inter and Transdisciplinary Urban Research was a…

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A Combination Of Observations And Reflections

A Combination of observations and reflections

by Dr.Franz W. Gatzweiler Executive programme director Urban Health and Wellbeing: a Systems Approach (ICSU-IAP-UNU)…

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