Q & A

1-  When you mention the ‘case study’, are you referring to a  PhD research, or past projects I have undertaken?

 You can either submit a case study or a research in progress. The Executive summary template must be completed and please indicate at what stage you are in the project – year 1,2,etc. Please be specific, include details.

The reason we are asking for a case study or a research in progress is:

  • to know better the trainees interest & motivations
  • to help trainers develop their talks and workshops
  • to help trainees to rethink their research methods

2-In the Executive Summary, what type of information should be included in #11. ‘Illustrative materials of case study’. Does this refer to graphics or visuals created for the case study? If so, should they be attached as separate files or inserted into the PDF or Word document? Or is it something different altogether?

Yes,  illustrative material refers to graphics or visuals created for the case study. You can also include photos. For the application purpose please insert them in the pdf document.

3- Can you advise on the types of References to include in #12? Should this be co-authors or professional colleagues, or someone or something else?

You can include articles, webpages related to your case study (they don’t have to be authored by you)

4- In general, should one’s case study focus on climate change? Or can it focus on other societal issues facing cities?

In terms of the Case Study focus, it can focus on societal issues but in some way it should relate to climate change.

5- In the Motivation Letter, does a ‘short CV presentation’ refer to a narrative description of the CV? Or a bio?

Short CV presentation refers to a narrative description of the CV.