At the Working Group 3 meeting in February 2017 in Barcelona, it was decided to disseminate the joint work on barriers and enablers to inter- and transdisciplinary urban research and practice that has been identified and discussed over the INTREPID COST period. As the main medium for dissemination, it was decided to publish an edited volume. The workshop offered an important opportunity for the editors and authors to convene and build a common language for the communication of obstacles and enablers. We all agreed this remains a significant challenge in any inter and transdisciplinary endeavour, and found that we struggled despite having had several opportunities to meet and build trust and mutual understanding: qualities considered essential.

In Rome we also discussed some initial ideas proposed by the MC in Dubrovnik (October 2017), including how to plan and implement:

  • a workshop to discuss a new urban curricula
  • a workshop to explore the space and place of inter and transdisciplinarity in European universities.