General description

We will briefly explore the concept of reflexivity as an enabler of inter- and transdisciplinary practices. Building on this concept we will explore collectively the crafting of inaugural contracts, the use of metaphors, and the central importance of proactive facilitation.
A possible preparation may consist of (1) reading the material provided, and (2) exploring freely the following metaphors: The Book of Nature, the Tower of Babel, and the Pentecost.


Short interactive 20’ presentations and general exchange in the form of a loosely structured interactive exercise.


At the end of the session the attendee should have
(1) a general understanding of the importance of reflexivity, specifically in the context of interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research;
(2) a better access to the use of metaphor as a mean to foster reflexivity;
(3) acquired the conviction that inaugural contracts containing key elements are a must.

Recommended reading