Working Group 1: Member

Institution: University College Cork

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity:

My area of research interest lies in ‘children’s geographies’ (an inherently transdisciplinary field) and in migration studies and childhood in particular. I am especially interested in the ways in which we can understand children’s experiences of moving to and settling into new societies. As members of future generations of urban dwellers the experiences and understandings of children are profoundly influenced by the urban environment within which they live (these can often be quite marginal, peripheral and run-down parts of cities). My research is interested in ways in which the “child’s voice” can be accessed in social, cultural research projects (an issue which is pertinent in any project focused upon urban development and public consultations for example, as group migrant children and youth are particularly excluded and vulnerable populations in these processes).  Given my current role (as a research officer in the College of Arts in University College Cork) I have taken a very active role (via national platform organisations – the Irish Humanities Alliance and the Irish Social Sciences Platform) in national Horizon2020 consultation exercises with the HSS community identifying themes and calls for SC 6 Work Programme in 2014/15 and for 2016/17. I have also co-ordinated a seminar series on inter/trans-disciplinary research within UCC. As part of my ongoing work with HSS applicants in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences to Horizon2020 funding programmes I have concentrated on exploring ways of ‘embedding’ HSS research perspectives within transdisciplinary research projects and themes.