Working Group 1 : Vice Leader

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

Catherine Lyall is Professor of Science and Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently seconded to the Institute for Academic Development to contribute to the university’s strategy for interdisciplinary research and to develop a range of new opportunities to support the work of interdisciplinary researchers. She is an experienced science policy researcher and evaluator of knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary research activities who has acted as a consultant to a number of public bodies including the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Scottish Funding Council, and the European Commission. She is currently leading a study for the UK Higher Education Academy on interdisciplinary provision in learning and teaching and has recently completed a study on international good practice in interdisciplinary peer review.
Her career at Edinburgh has progressed from Research Development Officer to Personal Chair via a series of research fellowships, two Deputy Director positions within the ESRC Genomics Network, and a position as Associate Dean for Research Careers. She will become Head of the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies in August 2015.
Her publications include Interdisciplinary Research Journeys (with Ann Bruce, Joyce Tait and Laura Meagher, Bloomsbury Academic, 2011); a special section of Science and Public Policy (with Isabel Fletcher) on ‘Investing in Interdisciplinarity’; and a recent paper in Futures that explores the UK research community’s engagement with ‘transdisciplinarity’ (with Laura Meagher and Ann Bruce, 2015).