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MC Substitute

Institution: Webster University

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

I felt immediately “at home” when I attended the first INTREPID meeting in Brussels. Looking at a problem from a multidisciplinary point of view was something I learned to appreciate when I studied and practiced Urban and Regional Planning. I continued working in the fields of Economic and Regional Development, City Marketing, and Foreign Direct Investment in several countries. The intersection of cities and businesses, the “bridge” between the public and private sectors, and the question of corporate social responsibility in relation to the communities where businesses are located and in which they work, are subjects that interest me very much, and which come up regularly in meetings that I attend. I am also concerned about the negative repercussions of development on cities, and how they can be minimized. The need to look for solutions to problems from a wide “grey”, area, instead of from only black and white sources, is more and more apparent. Through experience also in teaching International Business and Management, and through my work in Women’s Entrepreneurship, I have acquired experience and maturity in my career, and can also appreciate the point of view of the business community. I am in touch with a diverse group of international young people and women entrepreneurs, and can explore their ideas, concerns and interests, and bring this reflection to INTREPID, and vice-versa. It’s very motivating for me to discuss and work on these and related topics with specialists from different nationalities and disciplines, and I believe that our collaboration in COST will be fruitful.