Working Group 2: Vice Leader for Academia|
Synthesis Team: WG2 Representative

Institution: Delft University of Technology

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

With a doctorate in Planning Studies and two masters degrees in Environmental Science and Town and Country Planning, Dominic Stead has a multidisciplinary background. His research and teaching interests and activities are also multidisciplinary. Broadly, they focus on the governance of urban development, a field in which interdisciplinary perspectives are highly advantageous. He is currently involved in research in the following three areas:
1. Processes of national and international policy transfer in the area of urban and regional policy – how policy concepts, instruments and procedures are transposed from cities to cities, nationally and internationally.
2. Comparative studies of urban and regional policy and governance – understanding and explaining the variations in governance of similar issues in different countries.
3. The relationship between urban and regional development and sustainability – the associations between urban and regional development patterns and transport demand and energy consumption.