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Working Group 3: Member

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity:

Trinity College Dublin has a number of thematic areas/challenges ( which encourage an interdisciplinary approach across the researcher community.  As manager of the College’s Research Development Office, I am trying to find ways to support and develop interdisciplinary linkages. Both nationally and internationally, there is a growing understanding that much can be achieved in terms of tackling societal challenges through this interdisciplinary approach and funders that we are applying to are now referencing this approach. However, the framework for this to happen is still developing and there are challenges and obstacles to overcome to encourage and facilitate researchers across disciplines to really work together as well as for funding agencies to support and peer review such applications. I hope to bring experience to the table from my own institution, membership with European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) and linkage to some of the Irish Government departmental groupings. Equally well I hope to work with and provide via these same routes dissemination from the outputs of the INTREPID COST action.