Management Committee: Member |
Working Group 1: Member

Institution: University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa” Iasi

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

The amazing evolution of knowledge and the complex questions we need to answer today lead to an excessive specialization that may have harmful effects in the long run. Advances in communications allow ideas, plans and data to be easily shared, regardless of distance or political and institutional boundaries, creating the necessary organizational framework for knowledge sharing. The integration of research through interdisciplinary vision must be applied in education and training by preparing a workforce that approaches scientific challenges in innovative ways. In this context, Romania would like to adhere to this network in order to involve in the common efforts to increase the quality of life in urban areas through interdisciplinary research. Romania has the potential to contribute to the assessment of current situation in the urban areas and identification of the most efficient actions in research, practice and education in order to confront the complex challenges of the 21st century. Our country achieved remarkable advances in scientific research and has a long-standing tradition in the medical field. I consider that health and wellbeing in urban population is essential to the progress of the society and must represent a priority in improving the quality of life in metropolitan regions. Participation in Cost Action would be a good opportunity for Romanian research team to demonstrate his real potential in research and to contribute in achieving a high level of life quality in urban areas. We are looking forward to learn from our European colleagues experience and share the results of our research.