Working Group 3: Member

Institution: ORT Braude College, Karmiel

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity:

Currently, I am a senior lecturer and principal researcher in perinatal biology and I am heading the research authority (RA) of ORT Braude College for Engineering. My research is focused on deciphering the etiology of preeclampsia a pregnancy associated syndrome using a multidisciplinary research tools including basic and clinical approaches. In the other hand, the primary mission of the RA is helping scientists to maximize their research potential by obtaining research funds, promoting high quality research and providing the researchers with optimal support for fundraising from national and international agencies. We aim to establishment a multi- intra-disciplinarity in research among the different departments in the college and among the college’s staff members. Funding of interdisciplinary research is very challenging and acquired great efforts to find out and convince funding agencies to support research that combined several disciplines.