Management Committee: Chair |
Core Group: Chair |
Working Group 1, 2, 3: Member

Institution: Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity:

Interdisciplinarity has been an inescapable part of my research, given its focus on sustainable development questions. More precisely, it has been a persistent challenge, intellectually and in very practical terms of team work, funding and time. As I moved to explore urban sustainability and urban futures themes, interdisciplinary practices have become all the more pressing. As the range of disciplines needed to engage with my research topics grew, so did the difficulties in finding adequate conceptual frameworks and methods, but also financial resources and scholars with whom to share complex, unorthodox inquiries.
I am interested in interdisciplinarity for its increasing relevance and influence within science policy and research funding mechanisms. As a result, I led the proposal for INTREPID in order to create a community of scholars and stakeholders who could join forces in order to advance our understanding of the potential, and limits, of interdisciplinary research; and to define the way forward for enabling interdisciplinarity where it is actually needed.