Working Group 2: Member|
Working Group 3: Member |
Synthesis Team: Vice Coordinator

Institution: XPRO Consulting Limited

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

Xenia Theodotou Schneider has a background in Computer Science and Business Strategy and she specialises in innovative business processes and knowledge management and dissemination. Throughout her career she has crossed academic boundaries and applied knowledge and practices across disciplines and industries (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, information technology, engineering) to create innovative business processes, sustainable business models and knowledge management practices. She has experience in European policy-science-industry interactions and exchanges for sustainable water management issues. She is teaching international business strategy and leadership. She is currently involved in a Responsible Research and Innovation EU-project dealing with an all-inclusive Knowledge Sharing Platform for catalysing and organising the convergence of already existing networks, communities, on-line platforms and services providing an online socio-technical environment that facilitates and stimulates the direct engagement of researchers, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), citizens, industry stakeholders, policy and decision makers, research funders and communicators for improving Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and in associated states.