Working Group 2: Member|
Working Group 3: Member

Institution: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – National University of Distance Learning (UNED)

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

I have been working my entire career in topics that combined different classic disciplines (ICT and related technologies, ICT market structure, telecom regulation, innovation and entrepreneurship). For the last three years I have been deeply involved in those topics from the perspective of the city, being part of the promoters of the Master Program in City Sciences at the Technical University of Madrid ( In this context, I have had many difficulties to adjust my activity to classic structures and procedures at University, in which interdisciplinarity is many times seen with suspicion. That applies as well to research funding opportunities, feeling like in the middle of nowhere. That all said, my interest is precisely contribute in building a positive definition and perception of interdisciplinarity and extend my network of contacts with practitioners in the field, with particular interest in topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship and cities.