Working Group 3: Member

Institution: Chalmers Architecture, Building Design Division

Interest and/or practice of interdisciplinarity: 

I would like to refer to my own experience of interdisciplinary collaboration in three current situations and cases:
(1) the recent in AIDAH Research environment 2014-2018 bringing unexpectedly together the research and design processes of dwelling, ageing and healthcaring and related professions; to be addressed in upcoming conference: CIB W069 Meeting Oct 14th – 17th 2015 Chalmers Architecture Göteborg Sweden
Explorations on Residential Qualities: Situations of Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring. Inquiries of Transdisciplinary Nature.
(2) the experiences of multidisciplinarity in the Nordic-Baltic research team Visurf and our resulting book to be published soon this autumn on that topic, evolved together colleagues concerning among other dimensions architectural interpretations and sociological enquiries; Gromark, S., M. Ilmonen, K. Paadam and E. Støa, Eds. (2015 forthc.). Ways of residing in transformation – Interdisciplinary perspectives. London, Ashgate.
(3) the running trans-disciplinary residential resilience experiment of 120 units in Göteborg of Positive Footprint Housing to be built on campus in 2017/18.
(4) Multidisciplinarity as practiced in the National Swedish Strong Research Environment Architecture in Effect : Re-thinking the Social in Architecture, KTH Stockholm 2012-2016.