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Understanding the innate nature of transdisciplinary research

By Andrea Razun

Barcelona training school within the INTREPID project as expected proved to be very inspirying…and so much more.

I came with expectations to enlarge my understanding of research process designs and methodologies that are being used interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. In particular I brought a recent project on the topic of urban gardening as a macromarketing process with the aim to explore its possibilities in the complex field of interdisciplinary research.

The program was intense, but built very logically. As transdisciplinarity itself some lectures and tasks were more applicable and useful, some less.  But interestingly every participant had complete different perspective on the usefulness and applicability of the topics – confusing as transdiciplinarity itself.

The school actually tried to develop a transdiciplinary intuition with the intention to adapt to diverse topics, disciplines, roles and it definitely succeeded in that. People of diverse backgrounds, disciplines and roles transcended to other peoples works and gave a very specific and authentic view on it. I particularly liked the fieldwork where we actually had a chance to get to know people leading very sustainable urban projects arising from the circular economy philosophy. What was inspiring the most was the fact that all of them were convinced that they were making a difference and that their passion actually makes sense.

In terms of my case study I got a lot of valuable insight and advice from professionals of other (mainly urban planning) background that I will use in the further development of the project. After the programe transciplinarity for me became much clearer in theory however I have to admit it still remains very challenging in the actual application.

I think the organizers did a great job in putting programe together in terms of both form and the content!

Andrea Razum Poster