Imatge Helena

When I think about the Training school experience

By Helena Guimaraes

Being someone interested in inter and transdisciplinary might be considered awkward. Further, working on research and focusing efforts in making researchers and other actors meet and discuss common questions, can be quite a lonely career path. Therefore, spending 4 days with people that share this type of interests was great. Indeed in several points we spoke the same language. However, the Training School was far from being a safe and comfortable place where I could remember why I do what I do and that I am not alone.

The diversity of minds and perspective of the trainers and trainees made me go out of my comfort zone, into a place of questioning and of testing my capacity to truly listen to others. And that was the best outcome I took from this experience. The diversity of communications made by the trainers, the discussions promoted and the interactions demanded between trainees provoked an intense reaction in my brain and heart that I am still feeling and reflecting on.

When I think about the Training school experience, one image comes to my mind:

I never actually finalized a Rubik’s cube, but the linkage I do between the training school and this games is the fact that when one piece is moved, many other parts chance into something else that  you are not expecting to (if you are bad player as I).

This training school promoted in me an active reflection and learning with the right amount of confusion necessary to keep me going on trying and learning how to undertake inter and transdisciplinary work in a way that a better future for all is made possible.

Helena Guimaraes Poster